Thursday, March 27, 2008

'Weekend America' this weekend

Barring an especially news-rich morning, I'll be making one of my periodic appearances on public radio's "Weekend America" this Saturday. It's part of a segment in which listeners share their stories of spring, including several about robins - and I'll be talking about the bird most naturalists consider the real icon of spring, the American woodcock.

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mark jones said...

I missed your NPR thing, but watching the timberdoodles do their "Spring Fling" has become a standard March event in our household. We have organized several outings with friends. The nonbirdwatchers come along out of friendship and go away awed. It is, of course, an incredible show. It peaks here when the daylight fading peaks about 8 pm and within a few minutes, all you get is brief glimpses, "peents", and the chirp of the feathers while they tumble.

Mark Jones, devoted grouse and woodcock hunter and bird watcher near Cincinnati, Oh.